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Demonstrated Capabilities

At LebenTech, experience, knowledge, technical capabilities, and customer relationship are established professional components of what we do. In reliability and maintainability engineering application, manufacturing engineering as well as in quality engineering and in most design and manufacturing development challenge, LebenTech demonstrates capability to provide critical innovative solutions in areas including:

  • Reliability and Maintainability Analysis 
  • Manufacturing process development and analysis 
  • Advance Quality Engineering Applications 
  • Engineering Design and Modeling 
  • Productive Systems Maintenance Analysis

With a passion for creativity and innovation, LebenTech’s work is synonymous with excellence since its inception. LebenTech work focuses on a systematic methodological approach that requires application of associated technologies to provide innovative engineering solutions for specific problems. Our engineers utilize creativity to drive innovation.

Our capabilities enable us to quickly develop innovative engineering solutions essential and critical to businesses that pursue transformation to become capability driven, based operations. We develop reliability evaluation approaches by researching, analyzing, selecting, and applying reliability engineering concepts, approaches, techniques and criteria. The results translates to the best performance for our clients. 

At LebenTech, helping companies maintain competitive edge is our business. Our consultants offer deep experience and expertise, including knowledge of industry best practices. We help ensure that your product and process design strategy supports you business and technology needs. We are unrelenting in developing innovative engineering solution for success that ensures our client’s needs are fulfilled.

Our consulting methodology reflects our dedication to best practices and overriding goal of helping our clients achieve and maintain competitive advantages. By utilizing creativity, applications of best practices and experience gained within engineering firms. LebenTech is able to create innovative engineering solutions. 

Coupled with progressive vision, creativity and forged with decades of experience we are uniquely qualified to provide expert consulting services. Our team combines the expertise of LebenTech‘s cross-industry knowledge with analytical thought leadership to provide our clients with the tools to improve their performance and business planning.

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We have the capability to undertake substantive research involving but not limited to reliability developments, compare new technology applications and trade studies. Research methods are tailored to the client’s specific requirements and report recommendations and conclusions are presented in a focused, carefully structured format.

 Industries We Serve

The comprehensive and broad-based expertise of our company enables our team of experience engineers to provide qualitative and quantitative assessments that are intelligent, dedicated and analytical in an efficient and timely manner. Our strategies are applicable to any industry that includes: hydraulic parts, mechanical parts, electronics parts, electro-mechanical parts and manufacturing process. These strategies enable us to serve a variety of markets such as:

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