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Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

Problem solving in manufacturing has become more complex in recent years. Our consultants are available to partner with your team for the application of manufacturing system modeling and analysis. Modeling and analysis is important to ensure good system performance. We develop manufacturing system models for:

  1. Control – Supporting the selection of desired control rules
  2. Performance prediction – Verifying potential plans and sensitivity
  3. Optimization – Determining the best values for decision variables

Our consultants assess your current manufacturing performance against desired levels to determine the problems that are preventing your facilities from achieving its targets. Models developed are based on related problem definition, synthesis and variables that can be controlled. These models are focused on objectives that includes, cost, quality, delivery, flexibility and risk control. When building models our engineer works with your team for the selection of the proper decision variables.

A typical pre-assembly operation for a dishwasher application is illustrated in the forming of the stainless steel housing for a dishwasher. This video is provided for use courtesy of Bosch and the forming operation was performed by their team at Bosch facility. In general we perform analysis of the probability of station breakdown for assembly operation.

All models developed are verified and validated to assure that data used in a project are appropriate, accurate, sufficient, and correctly transformed if necessary. We help our customers identify opportunities for improvement and develop the mathematical model required to realize those improvements. Key areas of practice include:

  • modeling-analysis-manufacturing-1 Analysis of material handling systems
  • Assessment of line balancing problems
  • Analysis of manual assembly line
  • Analysis of multi stations assembly machines
  • Analysis of the probability of station breakdown
  • Quantitative analysis of delivery system operation

Our consultants develop a plan to migrate to the desired manufacturing system model, and work with you to develop the business case for its sustainability. We also share with your team how models can be successfully implemented and used to support the manufacturing system development process. Typical solutions involve recommendations of ways to improve line balance, the establishment of material flow rates, operation time, inefficiency of the handling system, and other aspects of performance in material handling.

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