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Making a Winning Choice

Developing reliability, manufacturing or design solutions require more than simply throwing people or technology at a problem. It requires the appropriate talent, and technology, managed by a company that appreciates process development. 

LebenTech is the premiere consulting choice for companies focused on delivering reliable low cost products to market in the shortest possible time. We recognize that reliability, low maintenance cost, maintainability and robust design are key priorities for successful business.


We provide global consulting and contract service. LebenTech helps clients evaluate and manage product reliability requirements and manufacturing capabilities. We serve clients in a variety of industries including: aerospace, medical device, consumer products, utility, food and beverage, bauxite mining, pharmaceutical and automotive applications. 

Our comprehensive strategy will adequately support your design, reliability, maintainability and manufacturing engineering needs. At LebenTech, talented and highly capable professionals provide innovative solutions for success in various high technology applications. Through innovation we deliver effective affordable solutions. We provide complete engineering services that help companies realize lateral requirements.

We evaluate products, parts, or process for cost, efficiency and reliability. We also develop, coordinate, and conduct technical reliability studies, compile and analyze performance and statistical control process as well as develop mathematical models to identify units, batches or process posing excessive failure risk. .

From Challenges to Value Added and Pragmatic Solutions

LebenTech fulfill your company’s needs and requirements by:

  1. Applying modern technology and proven methodologies to develop sustainable solutions
  2. Utilizing high-end capability driven consultants that are uniquely qualified to deliver significant results
  3. Committing to the highest standards of quality and respect for satisfying our customer’s technical engineering requirements and,
  4. Unrelenting in our efforts while developing solutions and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer’s requirements are satisfied.

LebenTech’s engineering consulting services is the foundation. Add consultants with great minds, quality service, agility and flexible costs in providing valuable and pragmatic solutions. We are ultimately driven to develop and enable exceptional engineering solutions that meet your company’s requirements. If your company has needs for analyzing reliability in design, cost, production and customer satisfaction of company products then LebenTech is your obvious choice. You are invited to experience the difference in innovative consulting service.

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