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LebenTech’s Comprehensive Services

Consultation is provided around four major disciplines of which the primary focus is in the specialization of reliability and maintainability engineering. At LebenTech, reliability means a commitment to providing the highest level of customer oriented services using the latest technological innovations. We develop innovative practical solutions that will improve your organization’s ability to produce reliable products. LebenTech is totally dedicated to providing innovative solutions for success. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes:

Engineering consultation is available at appropriate and reasonable cost to all potential clients interested in product development and process improvements. Technical solutions provided will be based on one or more of the following depending on the project requirements:

  1. Strategic research effort.
  2. Model development.
  3. Extensive engineering analysis.
  4. Creative application of experience.
  5. Engineer’s resourcefulness.

For organization designated as customer, we help:

  • Develop, coordinate, conduct exceptional reliability studies including evaluation of engineering design concepts and design of experiment [DOE] constructs.
  • Define reliability requirements imposed on suppliers.
  • Evaluate and analyze product reliability and maintainability.
  • Recommend strategic approaches for supplier selection.
  • Evaluate data associated with field returns and perform warranty analysis.
  • Develop robust and reliable product design to enhance manufacturability.
  • Design assessment tests for: reliability, identifying failure and causes of failure, recommending solutions.

For Organization serving as a Supplier, we help:

  • Develop tailored reliability and or maintainability program to achieve customer and government agency requirements.
  • Analyze, define and document customer reliability and maintainability requirements.
  • Provide solutions for reliability and quality related problems.
  • Evaluate and analyze product reliability and maintainability.
  • Clients to understand their customer’s reliability and maintainability requirements.
  • Recommend design or test methods for achieving desired product reliability levels.
  • Create and analyze designs to ascertain capability confidence regarding their performance, reliability, safety and durability.
  • Design and plan reliability verification tests and participate in demonstration tests that provide assurance both designs and products are reliable and durable in service.
  • Evaluate, select, and implement the most appropriate technology for company requirements.

For more information and details regarding our services, please review our capabilities Service Catalog

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