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Product and Plant Reliability Analysis

plant-reliability-new1 Availability, reliability and maintainability are key considerations in most product development. With recognition that in-service failure cost can far exceed initial purchase cost, companies are required to pay as much attention to reliability as to performance. Performance is optimized by integrating reliability into product development from its earliest stages and by considering the appropriate trade off.

Through its access to engineering design and analysis skills, LebenTech is able to bring a practical understanding to its reliability and maintainability approaches. Our capability and analysis skills enable us to predict product performance in detail and evaluate the effects of design changes, resulting in effective, reliable and durable robust product.

LebenTech views reliability as an essential and integral component of product design and development. Many corporate leaders recognize that reliability, maintainability and robust design have become corner post activities that must be a part of their day to day business for them to maintain a competitive advantage. Investing in reliability and maintainability is a viable option for enhancing product robustness as well as enjoying success in this global market place.  plant-reliability-new2

In today’s competitive market place customers are demanding more for less while product life cycle shortens. Both customers and suppliers need to ensure that there are means or provisions in place to monitor the reliability performance and that the design will meet the desired reliability metrics throughout the development cycle. LebenTech has the capability of helping companies reduce the business cost of failure and maximize availability of product.

Reliability and design assurance at LebenTech begins with a thorough understanding of the application requirements and our customers’ needs and expectations. Our focus on reliability is a key benefit for customers using LebenTech services. We will design reliability evaluation plans by collaborating failure mode effect and criticality analysis [FMECA], reviewing design data, studying warranty claims and customer requirement.

Our practical approach to RAM aims to add value to equipment, products and process and to reduce the likelihood of failures, warranty cost and customer dissatisfaction. A selective representation of the techniques applied to improve products and system, and help you to strengthen your capabilities while gaining competitive edge includes:

  1. Providing warranty analysis that enables client to evaluate cost impact of warranty provisions
  2. Developing qualification test plans, using the latest accelerated test methods to predict reliability and service life of your product
  3. Weibull and Life data Analysis
  4. Provide reliability [MTBF] and maintainability prediction and analysis that will satisfy the requirements of MIL Standard
  5. Develop reliability and maintainability program that can serve as a technical reference document to enable client in assessing, validating and demonstrating conformance to customer’s product reliability and maintainability design factors and operational requirements for products design and manufacture
  6. Reliability Growth Modeling
  7. Safety Analysis [FTA]
  8. Accelerated Life Testing
  9. FRACAS implementation and management

Plant Reliability Analysis

The process of reliability analysis has become a fundamental part of plant operations in various industries. Such analysis recognizes that there are always some possibility of engineering equipment failing and therefore the ability of the plant to be reasonably tolerant of such failures must be investigated.

High plant reliability is critical for every successful company, and it has never been more important than it is now given the challenge to meet financial targets. Achieving the highest level of reliability is essential for both high equipment utilization and operational availability of plant assets. This is however difficult to attain if your assets are not operating reliable or maintenance strategies implemented are not efficient and effective.

The costs associated with equipment downtime and reduced production can be significant, and engineers must ensure that every possible means of maximizing plant reliability and performance are utilized. LebenTech consultants will identify where equipment performance gap exist and maintenance strategies are not optimal, then guide you through the step-by-step changes required for achieving improved performance.

Our understanding of reliability as a process enable our consultant to work with your engineers to ensure that maintenance strategies are best suited for selected assets and relate the effectiveness of the reliability process to performance measures understood by top management. plant-reliability2 Our Areas of Expertise Includes:

  • Process Reliability Analysis
  • Maintenance Strategy Development
  • System Reliability Process Modeling
  • Reliability Program Plan development
  • Risk Assessment of Critical Equipment
  • Reliability Analysis of Plant Equipment

LebenTech assist companies both in ensuring that adequate reliability techniques are incorporated in the current process and in providing the technical expertise to apply proven methods to access and improve plant reliability. Our team of industry experts gives you the confidence you need to maximize your revenue and optimize your asset with smart decisions. We undertake special studies with the intent of improving reliability of assets and plant operations.

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