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LebenTech embraces the idea, notion, and practice of delivering innovative solutions. Our engineers provide engineering support to ensure high reliability product design and compliance with quality system policies and procedures, FDA and international requirements and ISO standards.

Consultants are uniquely qualified to deliver innovative consultation services in areas such as:

LebenTech consulting team, led by Lennox Bennett draws from the experience of a core group of talented individuals to provide unique consulting services. Our consultants have years of experience in specific aspects of reliability and maintainability engineering for commercial customers, and are recognized talented professionals in their respective fields.

Reliability And Maintainability Design

  • Evaluated component application for hydraulic systems used in, HIMARS, HDU and WARP fuel pump systems.
  • Performed independent reliability assessment of various products.
  • Performed stress analysis on different types of components to target areas for reliability improvement.
  • Uses various reliability analysis methods such as: Fault Tree Analysis, Probability of Success, Life Cycle Planning, Environmental Characterization, FMEA, Fault Tolerance, Accelerated Life Testing strategy, Statistical Process Control and other analysis techniques to evaluate and assess reliability characteristics of a product design.
  • Determine the reliability of a new design in its intended operating environment while that design is still in the drawing board.
  • Performed Failure Mode and Criticality Analysis [FMECA] and other analyses requiring the determination of occurrence probabilities of equipment failure modes.

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Reliability And Maintainability Testing

  • Define and developed accelerated test plans and environmental stress tests for leading supplier of home appliance and electromechanical assemblies.
  • Applied design of experiment test approaches to access the impact of environmental and design factors on operational failures on the yield reliability of appliance component.
  • Utilized Weibull analysis for analyzing reliability test, evaluating product life and establishing appropriate warranty period to be associated with the design.
  • Applied crow extended model to verify product’s reliability growth during development testing of a subsystem of ZEROX printing system.
  • Developed and execute HALT testing for LiveTV inflight entertainment equipment  and ZEROX electromechanical printhead subsystem.

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Reliability And Maintainabilty Analysis

  • Performed reliability prediction for hydraulic system and home appliance.
  • Performed FMEA, FMECA and FTA and identify safety critical components of hydraulic system used in aircraft system.
  • Utilized statistical methods and Fuzzy Logics application to develop a rank classification system for FMEA.
  • Performed maintainability modeling, prediction and allocation of MTBF associated with hydraulic products for HIMARS, HDU and WARP systems.
  • Performed operational availability analysis of Lockheed Martin remote mine hunting vehicle.
  • Provide design guidance for FRACAS application and developed failure report for remote mine hunting vehicle.

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Reliability And Maintainability Program Methodology

  • Developed Reliability and Maintenance program plan for Real-Time Laboratories hydraulic products [manifolds, valves, actuators, motors, pumps and accumulators] used in commercial and military systems.

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Manufacturing And Quality Engineering Application

  • Designed and developed process and product validation protocol, to demonstrate compliance with process user requirements, processing and product specifications.
  • Applied linear programming technique to develop assignment model for optimization of resource utilization and minimize cost.
  • Developed and implemented time standards for metal fabrication manufacturing process.
  • Utilizes six sigma tools to evaluate product and process design and performance to provide assurance that product will satisfactory meet design goals and requirements.
  • Developed methodologies to evaluate and measure solder paste print quality characteristics.
  • Conducted response surface methodology experiments to optimize parameter settings that will enhance and improve stencil-printing operations.

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Engineering Design Solutions

  • Utilized model superposition dynamic analysis techniques to determine maximum transient load at which structure can withstand.
  • Carry out modal and random response analysis on compressor to rule out any possibility of resonance occurrence and determine structural integrity of the system when subjected to PSD.
  • Performed impact analysis of plastic drip to determine suitability of the part to UL requirements.
  • Conduct FEA element mesh. Complete gear case component using parabolic hex element to determine stress for yield loading conditions and determine natural frequencies from modal analysis.

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