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Proven Methods

Services provided support the design and manufacturing of systems of varying levels of complexities and reliabilities. We utilizes a proven development approach coupled with processes established to ensure our conformance with applicable standards and specifications. Our experience engineers supports all phases of your system development.

We provide complete and comprehensive innovative solutions for each phase of the product’s life-cycle. This is accomplished through the application of proven strategies in each phase of the development cycle.

Conceptual Phase

Goals Applicable Strategies
  • System Reliability
  • System Availability
  • MTTR
  • MTBF
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability Program Plan
  • Benchmarking
  • Allocation
  • LCC
  • MTTR
  • MTBF
  • Gap Analysis
  • Program Development

Demonstration and Validation Phase

Goals Applicable Strategies
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Design Analysis
  • Maintainability Analysis
  • Manufacturing Models
  • Design for Reliability
  • Design for Maintainability
  • Warranty Prediction
  • Thermal Analysis
  • RBD
  • MTTR
  • Maintainability Verification
  • FTA [Probability risk approach]
  • Stress – Strength Analysis
  • Statistical Models for maintainability
  • Warranty models

Engineering Development Phase

Goals Applicable Strategies
  • Reliability Quantification
  • Design Verification
  • Reliability Demonstration
  • Reliability Life Prediction
  • Statistical DOE
  • Reliability Growth
  • Reliability Test Development
  • Maintainability Demonstration
  • Stress – Strength Analysis
  • Statistical Models for Maintainability
  • HALT

Production Phase

Goals Applicable Strategies
  • Process Failures
  • Process Capability
  • Process Control
  • RCA
  • Failure Effect
  • Develop Reliability Audit Plan
  • Reliability Acceptance Test
  • Development of ORT
  • Development of HASS Test
  • Warranty Performance Analysis
  • End of life Assessment
  • Process Development
  • Process Verification
  • Process Validation
  • Test Methods Validation

Field and Service

Goals Applicable Strategies
  • MTBF Estimation
  • Failure Time Distribution
  • Testing
  • Warranty Cost Assessment
  • Reliability Growth Monitoring

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