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LebenTech Pricing

Our business model incorporates flexible costing for our clients. We have adopted a flexible cost model to ensure we provide the opportunity for all potential clients to capitalize on our resources. Our Flexible Cost Model:

  • Allows for affordable service for our clients 
  • Eliminates the need for lengthy negotiation 
  • Structured based on our client’s requirements 
  • Enables us to provides premium service at low cost to our clients 
  • Helps our clients to enhance competitive advantages 

If your expectation includes effective affordable solutions, do not hesitate to make the connection with LebenTech. We are the simple choice for reliability and manufacturing optimization. Our approach is simple the results are outstanding for what you will pay.

Pricing Information 

LebenTech professional services are provided on a consulting or contractor basis and vary according to individual projects. We offer flexible and affordable pricing that is available at hourly rates or negotiable rates. Actual engineering analysis pricing depends on:

  • Length of assignment 
  • Client’s requirement or scope of work 
  • Complexity of project 
  • Delivery Date 

For the purpose of planning, clients are required to define the following:

  1. Project goals 
  2. Productivity expectations 
  3. Specific deliverables or specific outcome 
  4. Scope of project 
  5. Resources that will be provided 
  6. How consultants will be utilized 
  7. Types of documentation that will be required 

Contact LebenTech to discuss project requirements. We will review your request without delay and provide cost and time estimates for completion of your project. Payment terms are open for discussion. Work begins immediately after contract agreements. Engineers are freed of any other obligations to dedicate their time and effort to focus on your needs and timely completion.


  • Invoicing: On progress, Payment: Net 15 days after invoice 
  • Expedite analysis available at a nominal fee 
  • Formal Quotes: Flexible Price or time and material basis

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