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Operations Research

Tech_Math_Op_Research_Statistik_MA Operation research methods are applied in maintenance and reliability to model and analyze process operation decision problems. LebenTech undertakes special studies requiring the application of optimization methodology to evaluate and improve maintenance policies.

Our engineering consultant typically applies selected techniques such as: Linear programming, Markov Decision Process, and Dynamic Programming to determine the optimum solution for the problem in consideration.

The solutions provided through these techniques enable clients to make descriptive probabilistic statement about the future such as:

  • Average number of working equipment
  • Percentage of time the equipment is up or down
  • Specific actions to take depending on the state of the system taking into account transition probabilities, immediate and future cost.

Addition benefits include making decisions regarding optimization of equipment performance and optimizing multistage operations. Our engineer collaborates with your team to develop objective functions and formulate the appropriate mathematical model for a given situation.

We also train your team to implement and apply these models. We provide complete solutions from the identification of potential issues, through actions required for implementation to ensure benefits are realized. Benefit realized from our alliance includes:

  • Improve maintenance program thought optimization modeling
  • Optimizing costs for maintenance of aging assets through informed decisions

Our recommended solutions will enable decision makers to choose optimal actions for respective conditions of assets when considering immediate and subsequent cost. It will also serve as a means for establishing a framework for sustaining improved maintenance policies.

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