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Applied Maintenance and Reliability Analysis

Course Code – LIS 403

Without proper reliability and maintenance planning, even the most efficient and seemingly cost effective plant operations can incur enormous expenses due to repeated or catastrophic failure and subsequent search for the cause. Today’s maintenance and reliability engineers face increasing pressure from department managers and customer to ensure equipment operate with the highest level of utilization. An understanding of reliability principles and maintenance strategies can help accomplish these conflicting goals.

These four days of comprehensive, hands-on course, are designed for both the new and seasoned practitioner, provides you with the engineering tools you need to help initiate your maintenance and reliability analysis. In this unique course an expert consultant outlines the fundamental principles that must be understood by plant managers, reliability engineers, maintenance supervisors, process engineers, maintenance engineers and others engaged in the development of a reliable process and responsible for managing assets.

This course provides a systematic description of reliability engineering application and embraces modern maintenance philosophies applied in refineries, utility, mining, communication, oil & gas and petrochemical plants. Principal emphasis is placed on the primary means of achieving operational reliability, which is the prevention of critical equipment failures, particularly, those which could cause significant consequences. Clear explanations of reliability modeling an analysis of failures occurring in various industrial operating environments are provided.

The course provides and extensive discussion of current methods in maintenance technologies and in-depth exploration of their capabilities and advantages. It presents practical problems and solutions and a systematic approach for implementing specific technology. Special emphasis is given to quantitative methods for evaluating maintenance data, and reliability evaluation of telecommunication system network. A wealth of examples and case studies accompanies a remarkable framework, for the analysis of equipment operations.

LIS – 403 Outline for Training Modules


Module 1 – Reliability Concept and Applications

Module 2 – Practical Approach to Engineering Maintenance

Module 3 – Fundamentals of Risk Based Inspection

Module 4 – Reliability Analysis of Water Utility System


Module 5 – Reliability Analysis of System Network Models

Module 6 – Fundamentals of Data Collection and Analysis

Module 7 – RCM Method for Designing Maintenance Plans


Module 8 – Quantitative Methods for Evaluating Maintenance


Module 9 – Reliability Assessment Using Fault Tree Analysis

Module 10 – Mining Equipment Reliability Analysis

Module 11 – Equipment Condition Monitoring Techniques

Module 12 – Power System Reliability Analysis

Seminar – Applied Maintenance and Reliability Analysis for Industrial Equipment and Plant Operations

Reliability and maintenance optimization doesn’t just happen …

It takes special knowledge to create the optimal solution, implement the solution so it can have a practical impact, and change the reliability culture so that the reliability and maintenance focus is on proactive work and failure avoidance.

Once you acquire this essential knowledge, you can utilize your knowledge base any time you need to communicate reliability ideas to team members, improve maintenance strategy and help your company increase profitability. This training program helps “professionals” of every level understand and practice the fundamentals of advanced reliability and maintenance analysis.

Are you in charge of “designing maintenance plans”? This training gives you the essential maintenance and reliability principles you need.

You’ll learn the concepts and techniques that can move your reliability and maintenance engineering talents into a whole different league. Once you learn and apply your new knowledge within your organization, you’ll see measurable improvements in operational reliability, maintenance efficiency and effectiveness. Inspection planning, maintenance strategy selection, root cause failure analysis and reliability program plan development teams will all benefit from the know-how gain from this information-packed course.

It’s that fast and effective because …

  • The course content is built around topics with the greatest payback for your staff. It doesn’t waste your time on ideas and techniques you’ll seldom use or need.
  • There are several technical papers at your disposal and what you learn applies to help you improve the reliability of your plant operations.
  • You don’t have to take volumes of notes (each participant receives a course manual that captures the key points).
  • You get involved — examples, interactive exercise, audience participation and hands-on case studies drive home important principles.

You’ll put the knowledge and insights you learn to work immediately — in your own organization … with your own strategy and process … and at your own pace. But most important, you’ll like this course because you’ll see your work get better and better with every asset you manage.

Create solutions that are innovative and practical …

This all-new career track course does more than show you how to keep equipment operating for maximum impact and availability. It takes you beyond the “here’s-how-you-do-it” stage … and explains why you’re doing it. As a result, you’ll not only get under the skin of good reliability and maintenance practice, but also venture into the minds of your department managers …

  • You’ll learn how to apply technical explanation of modern maintenance approach to resolve plant issues.
  • You’ll learn how to guide your team members to reduce the cost associated with equipment unreliability.
  • You’ll discover how to hit the visual hot buttons that enable your manager to support your initiative of adapting new maintenance technology.

Plus, you’ll learn the nitty-gritty that other courses tend to ignore — like how to talk the lingo of reliability integration in plant operations, cost reduction through effective maintenance strategy and creating success through people reliability.

Is this seminar for you? Yes, if you fit any part of this profile …

  • You’ve been charged with creating reliability and maintenance solutions when equipment fails — but lack formal training.
  • High equipment operational availability has always been a part of your job — but some critical assets you manage performs below the expected level.
  • You want your maintenance operation to move away from the fire fighting reactive mode to a proactive and efficient strategy.
  • Your people look to you for maintenance guidance — but you’re sometimes as unsure as they are.
  • As a maintenance engineer, you’re good at scheduling maintenance activities — now you only need help with the identification and selection of maintenance strategy.

In four fast-paced days, you’ll learn to captivate attention and implement new equipment maintenance technologies that reduce cost, and increase profitability. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your reliability and maintenance knowledge to the next level.

Enrolments will be underway soon and we think you should be among them. Let’s boil it down very simply to two reasons:

  • Come to this course for you, as an individual — it’s an opportunity for career advancement, job satisfaction, and on-the job leadership.
  • Send delegates to this course for your company — it’s an investment, and you know how much your organization likes investments that pay off!



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