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Productive System Maintenance and Reliability Methods

Course Code – PSMR 402

This four day, comprehensive, hands-on course, designed for both the new and seasoned practitioner, provides you with all the tools you need to help initiate your maintenance and reliability analysis. Learn about the development and use of world class reliability and maintenance engineering techniques and applications for improving plant equipment availability in your company.

This course provides a comprehensive review of the various aspects of operational reliability and maintenance efficiency and effectiveness in refineries, utility, oil & gas and petrochemical plants. Principal emphasis is placed on the primary means of achieving plant reliability, which is the prevention of critical equipment failures, particularly, any which could cause significant consequences.

The course combines sound maintenance and reliability engineering concepts, principles, methods, the best industry practices and proven solutions. It offers comprehensive coverage of basic probability and various methods of analysis. It presents both parametric and non-parametric statistical methods to allow selection of the most useful methods for a given set of data.

PSMR-402 Outline for Training Modules


Module 1 – Reliability Concept and Applications

Module 2 – Introduction to Engineering Maintenance

Module 3 – Probability Models in Maintenance and Reliability

Module 4 – Fundamentals of Maintenance Management


Module 5 – Productive System Reliability Methods

Module 6 – Methods for Collecting and Analyzing Data

Module 7 – Reliability Based Maintenance Optimization


Module 8 – Quantitative Techniques for Asset Management


Module 9 – Quantification of Equipment Reliability

Module 10 – Condition Monitoring Approach

Interactive Solution Finding Session

Case Study Presentation

Total of eight case studies to be presented 15 – 20 minutes allowed per group.

  1. Option 1 – Select topic from a group that includes:
    1. RCM Application
    2. Weibull Analysis
    3. Availability
    4. CBM
  2. Option 2 – Case study selected from delegate company maintenance or reliability challenges and solution presented.

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